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What are people saying about Fire Risk NI and the work that we carry out?

Fire Risk Assessment Service

Neil Fowler, NI Hospice

Fire Risk NI not only ensured that I was legally compliant, they have also given me peace of mind that the shops, employees and visitors are in safe hands

Neil Fowler
NI Hospice

Clare McCloskey, St. Malachys

Thanks you for all of your help and advice, when you see things through eyes of a business so professional as Fire Risk NI you can grasp the silly mistakes and oversights that are being made. I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again from everyone at St Malachys.

Clare McCloskey
St. Malachys

Fire Risk Training School

David Ellis, St. Marks – Participant

A very informative course in respect of the types of equipment to use. The instructor was excellent and I would certainly recommend it

David Ellis
St. Marks

Hannah Nelson, St. Marks – Participant

Very interesting and useful, glad to have this basic knowledge of fire safety. Also very useful to have this awareness for my place of work, thank you!

Hannah Nelson
St. Marks

Lorna Symmons, St. Marks Dundela – Participant

The course was extremely useful, particularly the use of extinguishers and evacuation procedure. I would recommend to others

Lorna Symmons
St. Marks Dundela

Matthew Hamilton, St. Marks – Participant

The course was very informative, extremely well run and well presented. Thanks

Matthew Hamilton
St. Marks

John Emerson, St. Marks Church of Ireland – Participant

The course was very helpful. It made me aware of the steps to be taken in the event of fire and I will certainly now make myself aware of the position and type of fire extinguisher in the building. Would recommend to others

John Emerson
St. Marks Church of Ireland

Adrian Dorrian, St. Marks Dundela – Participant

I found the course interesting, encouraging and worthwhile. A really good morning and would recommend it – thanks!

Adrian Dorrian
St. Marks Dundela

John Campbell, St. Marks – Participant

The course was very clear and helpful, with a well-delivered presentation. Very worthwhile doing

John Campbell
St. Marks

Lynn Wilson, St. Marks Dundela – Participant

The course provided me with very clear instruction, with good DVDs and all of my questions were answered. Thank you

Lynn Wilson
St. Marks Dundela

Harry Whiteside, St. Marks Dundela – Participant

The course was very helpful for me, especially covering the different types of fire extinguisher. I would recommend to others

Harry Whiteside
St. Marks Dundela

Linda Nicholson, St. Marks Dundela – Participant

A very informative session, I would certainly recommend other churches to do the same course

Linda Nicholson
St. Marks Dundela

Joan Eakin, St. Marks Dundela – Participant

A very interesting, informative and well-presented course. I would definitely recommend to others as this information is vital

Joan Eakin
St. Marks Dundela

John McDonald – Participant

I would recommend the course as I found it excellent, informative and concise

John McDonald

Gerry Anderson, St. Michaels Church – Participant

Today has made me aware of the importance of checking what fire extinguisher is in the appropriate area and taking the time to operate them. The course was enjoyable, concise but highly informative and provided excellent presentations. I would recommend that all employees do this course

Gerry Anderson
St. Michaels Church

Gary Robinson, St. Vincent de Paul – Participant

The training was very helpful in identifying fire hazards present and what to do in the event of fire. I would recommend the course to all of my colleagues

Gary Robinson
St. Vincent de Paul

Edith Moorhead, Cooneen Watts and Stone

Noel Rooney from Fire Risk NI conducted a thorough Fire Risk Assessment in a pleasant and efficient manner, highlighting pragmatic suggestions for continual improvements to minimise fire risk.

Edith Moorhead
Cooneen Watts and Stone